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In Lessinia and Valpolicella we have a long tradition of pork meat: sopresse, salami, horseshoe-shaped salami, boloney, cotechini, lard, bacon, smoked ham and ham. Monte Veronese is the typical cheese of this area and of the Veneto in general. Currently there are two types of Monte Veronese: Monte Veronese “whole milk” and Monte Veronese “pupil”. These two have both a different flavour and a different method of production.
Oli production in the province of Verona extends over the whole territory, from the Garda Lake, to Valpolicella, up to Valpantena and Val d'Illasi. The Valpolicella oil has a very intense and deep golden-green colour. Its ideal use is raw. Main feature of the product is the traditional pressing of fruits, harvest by hand.
As regards the cherries production, very important are cherries from Marano and the Mora-cherry of Cazzano di Tramigna. Other varieties are Giorgio, Celeste and Adriana. During the spring, you can also assist to the bloom of the many peach trees. There are many varieties: yellow or white flash and Nectarine. “Misso” pear is a variety of Veronese pear. The dialect name “misso” indicates a very matured fruit, whit a dark colour and a soft consistency.
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