Antico Forno Di Genova 1760
Wealth and culture through the art of bread and pizza

Artisanal production of fine baked goods.

Focaccias, pizzas and regional breads, handmade according to the original recipe with superior quality raw materials and use of fresh mother yeast.

Gianfranco Martone Bencich produces every day and delivers to bars, wine bars, delicatessens and to all businesses looking for the highest quality to offer their customers.

Quality that comes from the craftsmanship of the doughs, made by hand in a wooden cupboard and always left to rise in the cupboard at room temperature.

The proposed products are

- 3-day leavened Pizza, with peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil and oregano in branch

- Focaccia di Bari, made of durum wheat, which can be seasoned with cherry tomatoes, olives, onions, anchovies.

- Focaccia di Genova, both the classic white one and the one with fillings.

- Loaf bread for toast, soft, fragrant because it is made with fresh milk and butter, which lasts for several days and is also suitable for making sandwiches

... and then the large breads of our Italian culture and tradition, the Pugliese, the Tuscan, the durum wheat bread, the Sicilian, the Biove ...

and again the French Baguettes, artfully made as they once were.

In addition to this Gianfranco holds courses of various levels on bread making, DOWNLOAD HERE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSES

And with its portable ovens it is able to make pizzas and focaccias for corporate events at the moment, DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE HERE

 IF YOU WANT TO ORDER THESE SPECIALTIES FROM HOME, they can be ordered and GIANFRANCO will deliver to the INDICATED DOMICILE, or they can be collected directly in the laboratory

Antico Forno Di Genova 1760
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