Fasoli Fernando Tartufi

Fasoli Fernando Tartufi is a small family-run farm. Our company was born two generations ago in San Rocco di Marano di Valpolicella where it is still located today.

Our main product is the Lessinia truffle which we have also started cultivating in our fields having made a truffle ground with different plants: hazelnut, lime, oak, hornbeam, holm oak.

This plantation offers us three types of truffles that ripen in different seasons: the summer scorzone, the autumn macrosporum and the precious black melanosporum in winter.
In cultivation we also have different types of fruit plants.

We also offer the possibility of doing various truffle harvesting experiences during which you will be in the company of a truffle dog who will help you in the search and at the end you will also have the opportunity to taste some delicacies prepared with this excellent product.

Fasoli Fernando Tartufi
via Longuri, 10
San Rocco di Marano dii Valpolicella
045 683 721 9
333 653 117 6